You’re mean to him. I’m sure she is more confused by his hat just sayin’. I never meant you to use it against me.

I’m the best daughter, leave me be. But either way it’s the whole cowboy thing, it confuses everyone. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, It’s my birthday I CAN DO  WHAT I WANT TO.


Except Dave, which is weird. Dude has like some kid attraction thing, he’s now full time babysitter. Sighs at you.

It’s because of his funny mustache. But yes, give the old man all the children. Don’t sigh at me, it was YOUR idea.


OMG, hush. She’s as fussy with everyone else as she is with him… just a little worse. I don’t blame her, he looks scary. But Amberrrr, who is the mother here, hmm? I make the rules.

Yep. sounding more and more like auntie Amber. But Debby, was it not you that told me to boss everyone around today?


Oh she loves him, she just doesn’t know it yet. But Ambieeeeee, I heard too much Dr Seuss the last two weeks. I really need Mr Men now.

So she’s basically me, a year ago? Stop complaining or we’ll make you sit and listen to us read all of the Alice

can earth day tumblr not be so sasseh

April 22 | 8:11 | 1ღ


I probably shouldn’t. Since Pixie hates Chase and if I leave her she’d scream your house down, you know. You just wanna torture me with Dr Seuss. 

Oh look, a girl that doesn’t like Chase. But Debbeh, The Cat in the Hat is the best book ever.


Can I pretend to sleep through this?

Go ahead, Princess Scarlett might yell at you but.


Not Dr Seuss anything but him

We have decided that you have to sit through us reading Dr. Seuss.


I give her ten minutes until she is bored and wants the TV back on

Or, or, or, She’ll read.